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Mental health counseling for Straight, Gay, Lesbian, HIV, or Sexual issues is a very specialized service.  If you're looking for an experienced Psychotherapist in the Denver area, I utilize standard psychotherapy methods.  If you're not sure what "psychotherapy" means, keep reading.

The terms "individual psychotherapy," "individual counseling," and "counseling services" are often used interchangeably, all referring to forms of care to address distressing thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, or behaviors.  Psychotherapy is the process of talking with a mental health professional about yourself, your life, and your experience in a safe place.  This should allow you to speak freely about anything, even deeply personal or uncomfortable topics.  This is different than speaking with friends or family.  Your psychotherapist is an outside objective professional, working to help you learn about yourself and grow.  It should feel welcoming, respectful, and helpful.  Effective psychotherapy is a balance of both support and challenge.  A helpful psychotherapist will have education, training, and experience with the specific issues you need to address.  Together, we'll determine your goals and come up with a plan. 
Most often clients engage in therapy once a week for a 50-minute session.  Sometimes, clients choose to meet more frequently as that will help the process move forward more quickly.  Duration of therapy for most clients ranges somewhere between three months and three years.  The duration of therapy varies greatly depending on your situation, personal goals, and benefit from the service.

If we work together, I'll ask you to try your best to be ruthlessly honest about what you're thinking, what you're feeling, and what you're doing (outside of the therapy office).  I'll also ask you to be honest about your past and what you're most longing for.  This can be hard work, but necessary for change.  If you take the challenge to address these pieces, I would anticipate that your experience may be allowed to change.  If at any point our work does not seem helpful to you, I will gladly assist you to find other services that may be a better fit.

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